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If you are interested in any of these services, please contact me. 
Phone Coaching



Video Coaching



It is typically excruciatingly difficult to find knowledgeable and effective professional support in the area of trauma recovery and healing for families around our nation and around the world. Video and phone coaching is a powerful solution to this dilemma.


Imagine not having to pile your family into the car to drive across town or even to the next city to get support. Just the stress alone that is created by the journey to the professional’s office is worse than if you hadn’t even gone for help in the first place. Video and phone coaching offers you the convenience of getting the help you need right in the comfort of your home or office.


No matter where you live, whether it’s in a major city, a rural township, or half way around the world, this service is open to you on your schedule.

Here are some of the results you may experience from coaching:

  • Solutions that stop the negative behaviors

  • Strong relationships with your children

  • A deeper understanding as to why your children do what they do

  • More happiness as a parent

  • Increased self-confidence as a parent

  • Broader perspective of what drives your children’s behaviors

  • A renewed desire to be a parent again

  • Decrease in the level of stress in your home

  • Increase in the frequency of joyful moments in your home

  • A strong relationship with your spouse or partner

  • An understanding of what it means to say “Love never fails”

*NOTICE: This is not an emergency crisis service. If you are in need of immediate help please contact 9-1-1 or go to your nearest emergency room. 

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